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Organifi Immunity - See sale price in cart
Organifi Immunity - See sale price in cart
Organifi Immunity - See sale price in cart
Organifi Immunity - See sale price in cart

Organifi Immunity - See sale price in cart

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Whole-food vitamin C • Zinc • Beta-glucans

Delicious, low-sugar immune blend that provides protection with 500% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C, D3 and Zinc that promotes:

  • Healthy immune response
  • Optimum vitamin C levels
  • T-Cell production

Crafted for Daily Defense

The strongest immune systems are prepared before pathogens arrive. Powered by some of Mother Nature’s best defenses, immunity supports:
  • Upper respiratory health -  thanks to reishi mushroom with 70% beta-glucans.
  • T-Cell production - made possible with highly bioavailable zinc.
  • Optimum vitamin C levels  - sourced from organic, low-sugar adaptogens.

Anytime Immune Support

You can recharge your defenses at any point in the day. Because Immunity supports your body’s defense system, it’s best to take it earlier in the day or early afternoon. It contains zero stimulants, so most people are able to enjoy Immunity in the evening without affecting their sleep cycle.

Why is Daily Defense Important?

Prevention is easier than treatment. Give your body its best chance of overcoming pathogens by keeping your immune system fortified before invaders arrive. It takes time to create and activate white blood cells. By bolstering your natural defenses on a daily basis with beta-glucans, vitamin C, and zinc, your body is more likely to protect against harmful bacteria before they become a threat. Vitamin C and zinc are essential for proper immune functioning. Studies have shown that getting enough of both may help reduce symptoms and shorten the duration of various illnesses. Beta-glucans have the ability to modulate the immune system, which leads to a healthy immune response without overstimulating the immune system.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.