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Castor Oil Eye Compress
Castor Oil Eye Compress

Castor Oil Eye Compress

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Sleepless nights rob you of your youth and energy, if you let them. Applying Organic Castor Oil around your eyes and wearing a cotton-soft Eye Compress to bed is your new nightly routine so you can wake up looking and feeling better. 

  • Deep sleep by naturally promoting melatonin 
  • Wake up looking and feeling better

The combination of Castor Oil and your light-colored Eye Compress on your skin may help naturally promote your feel-good hormones oxytocin and dopamine, as well as your sleep hormone, melatonin.

As a bonus, antioxidant-rich Castor Oil may help reduce premature signs of aging around the eyes like crow’s feet, dark circles, and hyperpigmentation caused by lack of circulation and lymphatic drainage. Plus it’s well known to support longer, more luscious lashes and brows.

This includes one eye compress. Castor Oil sold separately.

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