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Histamine Nutrients (60 Capsules)
Histamine Nutrients (60 Capsules)
Histamine Nutrients (60 Capsules)
Histamine Nutrients (60 Capsules)

Histamine Nutrients (60 Capsules)

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  • Supports a healthy seasonal histamine response, outdoors and indoors
  • Provides nutrients needed to support healthy histamine breakdown
  • You will notice it works quite quickly

Who Needs Histamine Nutrients

Everyday you’re exposed to compounds which may trigger histamine release.

How is it that you’re struggling with histamine intolerance while others, who are exposed to the same things, are not?

The answer is you cannot break histamine down very well and they can.

Histamine intolerance is primarily caused by your reduced ability to break histamine down and eliminate it from your body.

In other words, your histamine genes are dirty.

Clean your histamine genes.

Experience what it’s like to breathe through your nose again and be free from giant red, itchy mosquito bites.

Histamine Nutrients cleans your histamine genes. It contains a synergistic collection of nutrients which support total body histamine breakdown.

If you relate to one or more of the following statements, then Histamine Nutrients may be helpful for you in supporting healthy histamine levels:

  • I want to walk outside and breathe freely through my nose.
  • I desire feeling comfortable around pets.
  • When mosquitos bite me, I get big, itchy bumps that I scratch profusely.
  • If my skin gets scratched, red lines stay on my skin for quite some time.
  • I want to fall asleep like a healthy person.
  • As a man, I tend to orgasm too quickly.
  • I tend to get irritable or headaches around fragrances.
  • I tend to be more sensitive to EMF and WiFi than others.
  • I have a dirty histamine pathway (DAO, HNMT, NAT2, ALDH, MAOA, MAOB).
  • I have tried, or currently use, Histamine Digest and still experience histamine symptoms.
  • When exercising, I sweat profusely, often getting a red face or ringing in my ears.

The synergistic blend of nutrients found in Histamine Nutrients supports healthy histamine metabolism. It also supports the body’s normal breakdown of histamine’s toxic byproducts.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.