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Vitamin O (4oz.)

Vitamin O (4oz.)

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Need Extra Energy?

     Do you find yourself running a little low on energy these days?  A low blood oxygen level may be the cause.  There are many causes of low blood oxygen levels.  Problems with breathing can certainly be one cause, but imbalances in any of your body's systems may require that more oxygen be diverted to that system.  Even the normal aging process seems to lead to low oxygen levels in some people.       Many have found that a little extra oxygen gives them what they need to improve their health.  As you know, oxygen is vital to your body.  The trillions of cells in your body need a continuous supply of oxygen to carry out their many vital functions.  We can survive for days without water, weeks without food, but only a few minutes without oxygen.

     As man has sought better ways to improve his health, sometimes products are discovered that are ahead of their time.  Such is the case with the revitalizing liquid oxygen supplement invented by Cal B. Smith.  Mr. Smith has developed a process for creating a special type of water with fascinating properties.

     When asked about this proprietary process, Smith shared some of the highlights of how he creates this unique product:

     "The whole process involving the creation and stabilization of O2 from normal oxygen or O1, involves a series of electrical bursts through special metal rods submerged in saline solution over a brief period of time.  The electrical force used to rearrange oxygen atoms and knock off sodium and most hydrogen atoms, is subjected to an unusual agitation before it ever reaches the saline solution for which it's intended.  This agitation introduced into the electrical phase of the process helps to guarantee greater stabilization of the liquid oxygen components by coupling one of them with a single hydrogen atom.

     "It's a pretty sensitive process that requires skill, experience, and patience.  Knowing how to convert the electricity we use over to a more acceptable form and when to periodically zap the saline solution, and for how long, are our most guarded and valuable trade secrets.

     "So in summary, several things are happening at once during 'Vitamin O' production: Normal electrical flow is reconfigured before going into the saline solution; the salt water itself is given repeated buzzings; and the timing sequence is very carefully calibrated to produce the 'heavy' or super-enriched oxygen water."

     The result from all this delicate process is a substance unlike anything else that has ever been marketed to the public.

Suggested Dosage:
Take 1/2 teaspoon (30 drops) Vitamin O 2 to 3 times daily or as needed. For best results, hold Vitamin O in mouth (full strength) for a short time and then swallow.

Supplement Facts: